Transformers Prime Beast Hunters – Rebellion review

The storyarc of the Decepticons taking over Earth with their fortress, Darkmount, comes to an end when the Autobots tried to wage an assault on as their last stand. The Autobots are lead by Ultra Magnus in Optimus Prime’s absence through diversion in communications and going into the fortress. We get to see Ultra Magnus against Megatron, but Ultra Magnus is clearly no match for Megatron like Optimus Prime was. However, the Autobots got to find a way to subdue Predaking and I wonder where Shockwave use the groundbridge to – Earth or Cybertron?

While all that was going on, Optimus Prime is on his last legs when he confronts Alpha Trion’s spirit while Smokescreen does something he felt was right – he uses the power of the Forge to restore Optimus Prime, who gets reformatted with a new, bigger look. He’s even taller than Ultra Magnus. The fight between he and Megatron is on a flight level as Optimus gains the ability to fly. As always, Optimus Prime ends up saving the world and the Autobots.

I’m glad that both Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack have joined the ranks as the Autobots need to strengthen their numbers against the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus was more likeable in this episode than the last episode where he was strictly by-the-book. Their relationship is going to be like Captain Picard and Commander Riker. Shockwave did well in battle as he’s second only to Megatron when it comes to the battlefield. Great episode and a good conclusion of the storyarc. I have a feeling that the DVD company may release another Transformers Prime movie using the 2nd season finale and the 1st four episodes of this season.


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