Nikita – Broken Home review

This episode was somewhat different because usually Nikita is the one driving things. Here, she’s a passive participant when she’s subject to a mental experiment by Amanda that delves into Amanda’s origins on who she was and how she came to be. Through Nikita, we get to see why as the showrunners finally came around after 2 seasons about Amanda’s origins. Michael is locked in one of Division’s areas and Owen tries to escape, but his relationship with Amanda took a turn.

The uprising in Division escalates when the agents turned on Alex and will do anything to be free, even if it means taking Alex prisoner. The chaos in Division has resulted in the death of Alex’s boyfriend, Sean, whom I felt should have been killed last season when his mother was dead. Here they finally did it. The last few episodes was about Alex as they built an arc for her. Wonder what this would have been if Nikita was involved. If anything, this was a good episode for Alex, Amanda, and Sean, but not for Nikita.


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