Teen Titans Go – Legendary Sandwich/ Pie Bros Series Premiere review

The Teen Titans Go series was based on the original Teen Titans as I think it’s a sequel, but also was cashing in on the DC Nation shorts that featured the Teen Titans themselves. What kept these things together were the humor and the original voice cast all throughout the whole things. There were very low expectations coming into this, but upon watching it I actually was enjoying this more than the original series. The two episodes are Legendary Sandwich and Pie Bros.

In the Legendary Sandwich, Raven wanted to watch her favorite pony TV show and yet keeps getting interrupted by the other Titans about sandwiches. Robin insists that his sandwiches are better than the rest, so he gets to go shopping all day. That leaves Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy as they’re the ones who had to get all the sandwich ingredients from different ends of the universe as all 3 accomplished their missions, but had to pay the price – Starfire her hair, Cyborg his arm, and Beast Boy his teeth. Afterwards, they were all fighting over who should eat it as it ended up being Starfire’s pet, Silky.

In the Pie Bros, Cyborg’s birthday comes and wants to get a gift as Beast Boy tries to get a job to buy him a gift. He tried various jobs as they didn’t work, but ends up working at a pie shop owned by villainous Mother Mae Eye, who makes pies in cannibalized ways. This episode was a nod to the Mother Mae Eye episodes in the original series. I love Cyborg’s reaction to Beast Boy’s new job and I thought Robin, Starfire, and Raven were eaten alive until they showed up in the end with the captured Mother Mae Eye.

The show is off to a good start as the character relationships, humor, and action is still there from the original series. They also remixed the original Teen Titans theme song that’s done by Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys. With Young Justice cancelled, Teen Titans is back in a big way and is filling the first half of that void. This show is a high recommender, especially if you’re a DC Comics animation fan.


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