Teen Titans Go – Driver’s Ed/ Dog Hand review

The series continues to entertain after a great start last month. The latest episodes are Driver’s Ed and Dog Hand. In Driver’s Ed, we see that Robin’s driver license has been suspended because he crashed the Batmobile through a pole and the other Teen Titans had to drive him around just pick up his video games in addition to crime fighting. After the other Titans are tired of driving him around, he takes Driver’s Ed from an instructor who is actually a bank robber and Robin appears to be unaware of it until the end. It’s interesting to see that this series has corrected some mistakes by the original series in that Robin does have Batman through the Batmobile and a statue of Batman in the market.  I wonder if we’re going to see the Batmobile again.

Dog Hang is about Raven’s daddy issues when her father, Trigon, visits to conquer the world and meet the other Teen Titans. He grants each Titan their wish – Robin with a roided-up muscled body, Beast Boy turning into vegetables instead of animals, Starfire talking in modern tech, and Cyborg possessing a hand of a dog. Also, Silky gets to have butterfly wings. Both Cyborg and Beast Boy can relate to Raven’s daddy issues, but Raven doesn’t want to either talk about it or face it. Pretty funny to see Trigon in a suit. This continues to be more entertaining than the original series and I think it surprises those who don’t think it will succeed. Great episodes overall.


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