Arrow – Darkness On The Edge of Town review

We’re at the penultimate episode before the season finale where Oliver knows the whole truth between his mother, Moira, and Malcolm Merlyn concerning the Undertaking as this takes a sharp turn between Oliver and Moira. Oliver confronted Malcolm both times in different ways – Oliver/ Dark Archer and Green Arrow/ Malcolm. In both of these confrontations, Oliver got owned and he definitely needs better training if he’s to defeat Malcolm in the season finale. This shows how much they didn’t move Oliver forward in the bulk of the season as he was so boxed in with the list. They also moved forward his relationship with Dinah Laurel, but the way they did it was questionable in that it became the reason Tommy would take another step towards the dark side. I wish Oliver and Dinah Laurel’s relationship was made a bigger deal than what we got on screen. Oliver’s confrontation with Tommy made it mostly about Dinah Laurel than Tommy’s current job with his father.

Also, Oliver meets Roy for the first time and it also should have been a big deal as Roy would become his future sidekick. Speaking of Roy, his pursuit of Green Arrow affected his relationship with Thea whom he has broken up sooner than later. We’re seeing hints of the hero Roy would become. Moira’s world has fallen apart with his relationship with Oliver on the rocks and a pending divorce from Walter Steele. Everything that Moira tried to hide has blown up in her face that it came to haunt her big time.

They killed off two DCU characters in Yao Fei and Brion Markov aka Geo-Force as I wonder if this was an edict of DC Comics’ New 52. Yao Fei’s death came as a shock, especially in front of his daughter, Shado, whom I’m sure will become darker in the season finale. These island flashbacks are actually holding the show back from its potential as we need to see Oliver progressing in the present, not in the past. Good penultimate episode.


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