Nikita – Invisible Hand review

We’re at the penultimate episode of the third season when Nikita and Michael set out to get Amanda, who turns the tables on Nikita when she gets her to do one mission – to assassinate the President or Michael dies. They are showing why Amanda is one of the top villains alongside Percy and why she was second-in-command. With Division now just a skeletal crew, their work has just tripled. Meanwhile, Alex poses as a celebrity to meet with the Nobel Peace Prize winner and gets an offer she couldn’t refuse. Owen is not in this one as the last several episodes focused on him, so he and Ryan sat this one out. They revealed the truth about Michael’s new hand. With this, Amanda has Nikita right where she wants her and I truly feel that it should have been Alex to deal with Amanda than Nikita, who is used to fighting Percy. Good episode overall as Nikita gets a 4th season renewal that’s likely going to be shortened due to its low ratings.


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