Nikita Third Season review

The third season marks the first season without the show’s villain, Percy, who died at the end of the second season. The end of that season saw Nikita and Ryan running Division. The third season’s plot was that Division, under the leadership of Ryan and Nikita, would track down rogue agents known as the Dirty Thirty, but that they are under the command of Amanda, who is the main villain after Percy’s death.

The roles of Nikita and Amanda are reversed in that Nikita is in Division and Amanda is on the outside operating like a rogue. I’m not sure if Nikita was clicking well with Amanda like she did with Percy because she was defined by him. I truly feel that Amanda should have been Alex’s problem since Alex has dealt with Amanda almost as much as Michael has. We’ve also seen the relationship between Nikita and Michael being central than anything else as we see Michael giving her the engagement ring. They were milking this up, including Michael’s loss of his hand by Nikita and that storyline didn’t sit too well with the viewers as he got a new hand filled with nanites.

I’ve said that I disliked Nikita this season because she’s not a team player unless she was in control and what I’ve seen in the third season proved me correct in that she needs to work in a team setting after so used to being a lone wolf, which she is at heart. It’s clear she doesn’t trust anyone she works with, including Michael. There were tensions between her and Ryan because Ryan makes sound calls and Nikita isn’t getting what she wants. It’s either her way or no way at all. Division will likely continue without her.

Two people who have gone dark are Alex and Owen. Alex was controlled by Amanda to initiate a mutiny in Division and went so far as to shoot Ryan, but there were tensions between her and Nikita while Owen’s true history and colors are revealed as they both turned on the rest of the group. Only difference is that Alex has returned and Owen, now Sam, has not. The fight between Michael and Sam was culmination of distrust between them.

Birkhoff and Sonia are having a relationship as they both do similar high-tech work for Division, but there are tensions between them as well. Throughout the season, they’ve teased us with character deaths, but the one character they did killed off was Sean Pierce. He should have died last season when his mother died. His death caused Alex to go rogue and revert to her old ways briefly until Nikita got through to her.

The season ended with Amanda getting Nikita to assassinate the US President in order to save Michael, but as we saw the US President apparently killed herself only to find out that she’s alive later on. Regardless, the government is now tracking Nikita, who runs away from Michael and everyone and returns his engagement ring. This shows clearly that Nikita will never be a team player and she only got this far through the people she works with. Was this a good season? Maybe, but it’s not my favorite.


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