Nikita – Til Death Do Us Part review

This week has been a week of season finales and Nikita is up there with the latest episode to picks up where last episode, Invisible Hand, left off where Amanda has Nikita doing her mission to either kill the US President or her boyfriend, Michael, dies with the nanites in his new hand. This causes Nikita to isolate herself from Michael and everyone else in Division to execute Amanda’s bidding against her will, but Michael and the rest of Division have already figured out Amanda’s plan. They attempt to help Nikita find a way out of this by trying to stop Amanda while Nikita goes through her mission of assassinating the US President. When Nikita confronts the President, things didn’t turn out the way it came out and Nikita ends up taking the fall just like Amanda wanted.

If there was one thing I dislike about Nikita throughout this season, it’s that she’s not a team player unless she was in command and that’s what we got here when she’s running Division with Ryan. I don’t think Nikita has adjusted to being a team player and not realizing what roles Michael and everyone else in Division played in her life that got her this far and Amanda was pointing this out. Amanda showed why she’s second to Percy when it comes to villainy. A good end to the third season.


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