Transformers Prime Beast Hunters – Plus One review

The end of last week’s episode saw Wheeljack leaving the Wreckers team because of both Ultra Magnus and the fact that Bulkhead has gone soft for a Wrecker, something he alluded to when he was teaming up with Arcee to find a Predacon bone. It turns out that both Arcee and Wheeljack have more in common than they suspect and Miko can see it. While they’re working together, Agent Fowler and Nurse Darby were involved in another mission to find another Predacon bone without any of the Autobots’ help until they run into Knockout, whom the episode centered around than anyone else. He carried the entire episode and shows why deserves to be in Megatron’s inner circle than Starscream. Speaking of Starscream, he is tasked with taming Predaking after so many failures, but we see a hint of Predaking’s intelligence when he uses the computer to learn the truth about his existence.

I thought for a moment that Wheeljack was going to leave the Autobots and go back to being solo once again, but thank goodness it didn’t happen because the Autobots need to be unified in dealing with the Decepticons, Insecticons, and Predacons altogether. Glad they’ve addressed the relationship between Agent Fowler and Nurse Darby in  front of the kids, especially Jack. This is the second episode without Optimus Prime in a row. Another good episode as I think I’m enjoying this season than even the last two.


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