Looking Back On My Time In The Glades’ 4th Season This Year With Disappointment!!

This year has been a disappointment for me in the Glades’ 4th season this year. With the show wrapping up its shoot and airing its current fourth season, it would be a good time to blog about my experiences this year. Boy, was it disappointing compared to last year.The show started shooting from January 23 to June 7 of this year in South Florida. The problem wasn’t with production, but what was going with casting. I’m not going to name this casting group as it’s a private matter between me and them. Before the show started shooting production, background casting called some of us actors who played recurring roles such as lab techs, detectives, state troopers, clerks, and hospital doctors from last year for your availabilities and confirmations. I’ve played a recurring lab tech last year, along with several others including a friend of mine named Eduardo, whom I met last year and became friends as we had similar interests such as comic books.

We were supposed to play lab techs on its start date of January 23, but it got cancelled for unknown reasons and they pushed it back the following week. I only had a text concerning my availability, but I didn’t have any confirmation booking. This was when things started to fall apart from there. A couple of us lab techs from last year returned and played lab techs throughout season with new people. I didn’t work on the Glades until March. This was where I found out the reasons for the change as production wanted some changes. Later in March, I’ve returned to the Glades playing a different role and production asked me why I didn’t return as a lab tech. I’ve told them what casting told me. The fact that they were surprised means that casting wasn’t being straight with us. I’ve tried to email casting of my availability as a lab tech, but to no avail. They offered me other things, except being a lab tech.

The second time I did the show, Eduardo and I reunited to play catch up and talk about what was going on with background casting. We were both unhappy and upset as we made a vow not to play anything else but lab techs. It was lab techs or bust and it turned out to be the latter. We both got what we wanted.

At one point, casting offered me to play cowboy of all things and I remember thinking casting needs to get serious. Can anyone see a picture of an Asian cowboy? I don’t think so. The roles I’ve played this year were roller derby fan, jai-alai fan, and wedding guest. The number of episodes this season was 13 and out of 13, I only did 3 so that’s not a good number. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve barely done anything on the show. The only positive things coming out of this was that just as I appeared in last year’s season finale, I also did this year’s season finale. Out of the shoots I did, it was my favorite. Out of the cast, it was Carlos whom I got to talk to a little bit this time around than anyone else. He’s a great guy. Out of wardrobe, I have nothing but praise for Amy as she’s my favorite out of the wardrobe department.

I’ve felt from the start that I blamed background casting more so than production. Eduardo came up with a great point – background casting didn’t fight for us to return as lab techs like production did. They’ve used the same people throughout the season. I realized that it was different people within background casting who were in charge compared to last year. Was it a good season overall for me? Definitely not compared to the better season last year. It was a disappointing year for me. If and when I recur on a different show, it will make up for the mishap with the Glades. One chapter closes, a new one begins.


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