Beware The Batman series premiere review

Here we are with the series debut of the new Batman series called Beware The Batman. The name of the episode is Hunted. This is the first Batman series that’s CGI and it uses plenty of action, character relationships, and film noir. What is different here are the villains such as Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad, whom are the mirror of Batman and Alfred Pennyworth. They tweaked Alfred here that he’s a former spy in addition to being a butler. I love the relationship between Bruce and Alfred as one would wonder if Bruce can survive without him. The plot involved Pyg and Toad kidnapping every millionaire in Gotham City, including Michael Holt aka Mr. Terrific. Professor Pyg has reasons for the things he’s doing.  Then we also have the debut of Katana Tatsu Yamashiro, who initially declined Alfred’s offer but joined eventually in the end as Bruce’s bodyguard and chaffeur as I thought this was a nod to Green Hornet and Kato. No usual characters like Robin, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, and Catwoman as different villains are needed to freshen things up. I’m liking this series as it’s going to feel like watching a weekly Batman movie. Great debut overall.


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