Arrow – League of Assassins review

When the 2nd season started, we saw Black Canary arriving in Starling City to take out some bad guys and later on we find out it’s Sarah Lance whom Oliver and the Lance family thought was dead. It turned out that she was alive and we had no idea how she survived, but this episode answers several questions about how she survived that boating accident and what she’s been doing since.  Series star Stephen Amell hyped this episode to be his favorite of this season as it has 3 fight scenes and all three were awesome and he was right after watching it. Here we are introduced to the group that is after Sarah and they’re called the League of Assassins. They are dressed in the same outfit Malcolm Merlyn wore last season. This told Oliver that Merlyn was trained by them and he, along with Sarah, fought the person who trained Merlyn.

The flashbacks involving Sarah saw the introduction of Professor Anthony Ivo, who tells Sarah that he wants to save the human race as he shows her some bodies. This is a great way to integrate Ivo into the series in a realistic way.

A lot has moved forward this season we Sarah meets her father Quentin for the first time since she was thought dead and Quentin’s reaction was one of awesomeness. He figured out that Sarah is the Black Canary and saw what she can do when they were attacked by the League of Assassins. The writers did a great job in getting to the point instead of dragging things out like most shows do. This is one area that Arrow has over Smallville.  I wonder how will long will it be before Dinah Laurel meets Sarah and Quentin figuring out that Oliver is Green Arrow. I don’t want Quentin telling Dinah Laurel that Sarah is alive as that is a cop-out. A meeting between the sisters has to happen down the road and if Dinah Laurel is to become Black Canary, a face-to-face meeting is the only way to go.

Speaking of Dinah Laurel, both Oliver and Quentin were calling her out on her personal problems and she repeatedly denies them until she eventually accepted that she has them since Tommy’s death. Also Oliver was furious with Dinah Laurel about being involved in his mother’s case and made a plea bargain for her. I was glad that Moira will turn it down at the urging of both Oliver and Thea.

Moira admittedly has secrets of her own that she may need to share with Oliver and Thea and what she has taught and raised them has reflected back at her before she may eventually be gone. Thea continues to be likeable and having her head on straight compared to last season as it’s like seeing two different people. No Roy Harper in this episode.

Several easter eggs include the mention of Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, Talia, and a line from Batman Begins involving surroundings. Also, Sarah mentioned she knew Shado and may imply that she may have betrayed Oliver back then on the island. Oliver opened up to Diggle at the end of the episode about how he wasn’t always on the island.

I’m glad Sarah survived as she leaves Starling City, but we will see her again through flashbacks. In the present, she will be back when the League of Assassins return down the line in the 2nd season. Another great episode and well-hyped.


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