Arrow – State v.Queen review

After last week’s focus on Diggle and Isabel Rochev, we have the latest episode that focuses on the trial of Moira Queen since the start of the season. Dinah Laurel Lance returns after being absent in last week’s episode and she plays a big role, along with Moira, who reveals plenty of secrets including her affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Thea also plays a substantial role in this one as well. Moira’s trial was the focus than the return of Count Vertigo, who escaped from prison and poisoned two people with Vertigo – Diggle and Andy Donner. Since last week focused on Diggle, him being taken out with Vertigo was a way to remove him from the episode’s plot.

Moira was acquitted of all charges, so basically she got away with murder. Instead of being happy, Oliver was suspicious about the jury and the verdict and was right doing so because the end saw the shocking return of Malcolm Merlyn. There was also the revelation involving Thea that could come into play throughout the season. At first it was shocking, but it made sense if you look at the clues from last season. I wonder if Tommy knew about it before he died last year. That answers the question about whether Malcolm was alive or dead in the last season finale.

Count Vertigo’s return had Felicity getting involved and was foolish of her to get captured. Count Vertigo is the second villain to know Oliver’s secret identity after Malcolm. When Oliver killed Count Vertigo, that undermined whatever progress Oliver had been making from vigilante to hero and I wonder if this is going to affect his relationship with Detective Lance, who was warming up to him. I’m concerned about Felicity getting overexposed than the other supporting characters to the point where viewers may get tired of her. I’ve said it before that they need to tone her down or she’s going to run her course in the series.

Dinah Laurel was fine in this one, but I don’t see how she will become the Black Canary convincingly. Last year, she was an attorney. This year, she’s still an attorney as I see little to no movement forward and they had a season and a half in doing so despite what the showrunners say.

The flashbacks were awesome this time as we have Oliver, Sarah, Shado, and Slade being together on the island so this may destroy the notion of a love triangle. Since Sarah in the present has left Starling City, they found a way to use her for the flashbacks. Only Oliver and Sarah are the only ones who have flashbacks in past and present. In the flashbacks, they are the Team Arrow of the past to the present Team Arrow of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. Professor Ivo is more interesting than Count Vertigo and I hope he’s in the present as well.


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