Nikita – Set Up review

Up until this episode we didn’t know much about Birkhoff other than he was a computer hacking thief. We delve more about who he really is and why does what he does. The first person to notice Birkhoff being way off is Ryan and he thinks Birkhoff is an impostor or double being planted by Amanda. Luckily Nikita was there to ease the tensions between them all and was a misunderstanding. On a field mission, Nikita and Birkhoff captured an impostor taking the place of Birkhoff’s real dad who is working for Amanda. As Nikita was questioning Birkhoff, his dad was controlling his double and answer Nikita’s questions. Birkhoff and his dad are a lot similar than we realize. Amanda eventually found out about their relationship as well and the organization she works for now has to step in thinking that she was played by Nikita. It’s also a setup of what’s to come for the final 3 episodes of the season.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sonia have their own problems with Owen/ Sam while Alex is being interrogated by a government official. The trust issue is still there between them, but Alex was surprised to be rescued by Owen/ Sam after he left her. A lot of the secrets involving Nikita and Alex are being revealed. A good episode overall.


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