Nikita – Bubble review

Last week Nikita saved a government official in public and is now hailed as a public hero instead of public enemy so that’s an evolution for her for this final season. She and her team are living in normal life, but are under military watch. It’s a dream she wanted and yet she has trouble fitting into the system. As she and Michael were rekindling their romance, Ryan investigates the MDK and learns that Amanda is alive. Spoiler alert – a major character does die and it’s Ryan himself after not only finding out that she’s alive, but also discover her true plans. Ryan died on his own terms by jumping out of the window rather than being killed by Amanda or the Shop. This causes Nikita and her group to go after Amanda once and for all even if that sets Nikita down to the dark path that may have Michael concern. I like the reaction from the rest of the group concerning Amanda’s fake death.

Meanwhile, Alex knows Owen/ Sam all too well in that she got him to steal the fake diamonds and go to France, where he got himself in plenty of trouble. Alex had to rescue him once again and the end of the episode saw both she and Nikita team-up one last time. Interesting that both Nikita and Alex had not interact with each other through most of the season, except through phone conversations. I want to thank Noah Bean for playing Ryan in 4 seasons going from CIA operative to running Division to now searching for the truth involving MDK. Great penultimate season leading to the series finale.


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