2013 A Mixed Year For Me

2012 was a great year for me. 2013 in comparison was not and was a mixed year at best for me. Here are the highlights for 2013 for me.

-Acting in the Glades, Graceland, Untitled USA Pilot, Back Court, La Voz Kids, 3 Flip My Tie commercials, and Zurich Insurance commercial.

-Got my laptop, tablet, and a new cell phone. Also got a new/ used VCR.

-Was supposed to return as a lab tech in the Glades, but didn’t due to production wanting changes or casting wanting to keep the same people.

-Didn’t get paid for Back Court because it was a non-union film and some union actors appeared in it causing pay and legal disputes. I never got paid.

-Attended a Rich Dad Seminar back in January that resulted in a parking ticket.

-Got a traffic ticket for turning left and running a red light. I held that off between May to July.

-Played MMORPG for the first time with Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online.

-Did nothing acting-related from July to September.



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