Arrow – A Time of Death review

We return with an episode that features the debut of the Clock King, who strikes against Team Arrow in a different way than other villains in that he’s an evil version of Felicity when it comes to computer hacking skills. In a way, Felicity has an arch-enemy of her own in Clock King. He has managed to destroy the team’s computers at the Arrow Cave and no other villain has done this. The climax has me hoping he will return down the line.

The episode is about Sarah’s first days as a full-fledged member of the group and what effect her presence has on other team members like Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity. While Oliver and Diggle are taken to Sarah in terms of the physicality and scars, Felicity feels left out because she’s non-combative and has virtually no scars until the episode’s climax. Alongside in what she felt was Sarah infringing in her territory of computers, she decides to head out into the field to prove her worth.

The Lance family have their dinner that didn’t go well because of Dinah Laurel’s personal problems that are coming to the fore and Oliver finally calls her out on it that has paid off in the episode’s end between Dinah Laurel and Sarah trying to mend fences. Nice to see Sarah working as a bartender at Thea’s club as well as the revelation of why Sarah looks after Sin since she returned to Starling City.

Everything was building to the end where Oliver finds out that Slade is alive in the present and in Starling City and what better place to do it than the Queen Mansion. That sets up the next episode and I think it’s a foreshadow that someone close to Oliver will be gone and I don’t think it will be Sarah or Thea, but rather Detective Lance or Moira Queen.

Great episode overall.


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