Arrow – Deathstroke review

After the last two weeks that saw nods to the DC Universe with the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, we get back on track with the main season plot involving Deathstroke Slade Wilson. Last week’s Birds of Prey ended with Slade picking up Thea and starts with her capture that launches into Slade’s mission of destroying Oliver from all sides. He told secrets about Oliver to both Thea and Dinah Laurel while working with Isabel during the time she was absent in taking over Queen Consolidated from Oliver. As Oliver begins to reconcile with Moira, his relationship with Thea begins to fall apart when she learns about her true parentage. Team Arrow confronted Slade about Thea’s whereabouts and Oliver starts making questionable decisions that caused Roy to leave the group. A lot has moved forward in this episode than perhaps any other episode.

We get the return of Isabel Rochev and learn what she’s been doing from the last time we saw her until now. Now she’s working with Slade and Brother Blood, but I wish she didn’t become subservient as she can become a villain in her own right. I’m hoping she does once they get this thing with Slade out of the way. I can see her being pushed up as series regular for the third season and perhaps don a hood and goggles just like the comics. We find out that she can fight as well and I think she knows Oliver’s secret as Green Arrow through Slade.

Roy leaving makes the most sense since he’s heading more towards Arsenal than either Speedy or Red Arrow. The way it’s written, Oliver should have trusted Roy a lot more. While I like Green Arrow, the writers and producers gave me no reason to like Oliver Queen and every reason to dislike him. The original Justin Hartley version of Smallville has nailed him perfectly on both sides.

I don’t know why Thea would trust the word of Slade immediately after she barely knew him. We don’t’ even get to see their conversation. Also, they should have saved the moment of Oliver revealing his secret to Dinah Laurel and that was taken away with the end scene. Basically anybody outside of Team Arrow who knows Oliver’s secret would end up dead like Tommy Merlyn from last season. I can see Dinah Laurel being the one to go at season’s end. Also this episode and last week’s Birds of Prey is the start of Thea’s downfall as she may be heading down the path of either a superhero or supervillain and it can go either way.

In a way this felt like the season finale, but I wonder where they will go from here as we get a one-week break after this.


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