KISS Inducted Into The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

KISStory is made and my favorite rock group of all time, KISS, has finally been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Other acts inducted include Nirvana, Hall and Oates, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, The E Street Band, and Linda Ronstadt. However, this is about KISS as the hall of fame only inducted the original lineup of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss and with good reason – they formed the band, created the makeup, costumes, personas, and the stage shows, as well as making live albums cool for the record industry. They’ve influenced many rock acts, including Rage Against The Machine whose guitarist Tom Morello was the inductor for the group. The original KISS each made their speeches 2-3 minutes maximum and all of them came across pretty good. Gene paid tribute to Paul, Ace, and Peter as well as other KISS members who were not inducted. Peter brought up being breast cancer-free and making a shot at the current KISS lineup with his remarks about Ace and himself. Ace breaks the tension by being the funniest as well as bringing up being sober for 7-8 years. However, both Ace and Peter thanked Bill Aucoin, Sean Delaney, Neil and Joyce Bogart, Carol Ross, and Carol Kaye – the KISS team of the 70’s who were vital to KISS’ success. Then Paul was the last one and thanked Gene, Ace, and Peter as well as Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer. However, the fans booed Tommy and Eric and with good reason – they only want the originals and they got it. But Paul saved the best for last when he took shots at the Hall of Fame and dedicated the induction to the fans. With the drama going into the Hall of Fame, the original lineup miraculously put aside their differences by hugging and thanking each other.

Then they go to backstage where they took pictures togerher, but took no questions with the press, except for Ace and Tom Morello. This is exactly what I predicted – that the original KISS lineup would not play together, but rather accept the induction at best. A great way to cap the original KISS lineup.

There were some negatives, but none had to do with KISS. There was supposed to be an All-Star Jam involving Ace and Tom Morello performing AC/ DC’s Highway to Hell, but it didn’t happen because Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band took too long in the induction and performances. I heard some fans left during that time. Also according to rock radio host Eddie Trunk, none of the KISS members sat at the same table – Ace had his own table with Eddie Trunk, Peter had his own table, and Paul and Gene had theirs with Bruce, Eric, and Tommy.

Since this will air on HBO, I know that they edit out some things. I can see them editing out Paul’s speech the most since he took shots at the HoF. They could edit out Gene’s line about the critics. Ace and Peter’s speeches will likely stay intact. The HoF night may have belonged to Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band and Nirvana, but KISS and the KISS army can celebrate this long-overdue victory. Overall, I’m damn proud to be a KISS fan and member of the KISS Army!!


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