Arrow – The Man Under The Hood review

After coming off the last episode with Deathstroke, things begin to progress and heat up in the Arrow world. Oliver loses his company to Isabel Rochev and is on the verge of losing his fortune unless he can get Thea to sign the documents. Slade has struck Oliver’s team in the very last place they expect to be hit – in the Arrow Cave, which left Sarah in the hospital. This was where Dinah Laurel comes in after learning about Oliver’s secret as Arrow. Dinah Laurel learns more about Sarah’s ordeal at the island through her injuries she didn’t know about. She also questioned her jailed father concerning the Arrow’s identity, but the way her father answered it was subtle as we’re lead to believe he knows or doesn’t know. The end between Oliver and Dinah Laurel felt forced, but her reaction was one of surprise similar to Smallville’s Lois Lane.

Thea is at a breaking point with the family after learning her true father in Malcolm Merlyn as she plans to leave the family mansion and feels both Oliver and Moira are liars just like her dad. Oliver learns how and why Isabel got to where she is as it stayed true to the comics – she had an affair with Oliver’s father as an intern and her internship was terminated as a result. In the heat of the battle, Diggle shot Isabel and she’s injected with the Mirakulu, along with Roy Harper since the last time we saw him he left the group.

Slade is showing why he’s one of the top villains and his Deathstroke costume is awesome. However, I don’t see him as the top villain for the third season. It looks like the producers are getting many mileages out of Slade before they introduce a new villain for the next season. Another good episode as I feel the second season blows the first season out of the waters.


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