Arrow – Seeing Red review

If there was an episode that is a turning point for the show and the second season, it’s this one. On the surface it may have been about Roy’s Mirakulu rage that peaked, but it wasn’t. Later on that. We’ve found out from last season on what’s happened with Roy since he left the group as Slade puts Mirakulu in him. Roy has been attacking police officers left and right as well as his friend Sin. If there’s anyone that carried this episode, it’s clearly Thea who has reached her breaking point when she discovered not only her true parentage, but of what has happened with Roy. She confronted Roy and wanted him to kill her, but glad it didn’t happened.

There was sudden friction between Oliver and Sarah on what to do with Roy considering the fact that they may have a cure for Mirakulu. Oliver wants to save Roy while Sarah wants to kill him. In he end, Oliver got his way in saving Roy and Thea yet Sarah confessed she wanted to kill Roy as she leaves both the team and Starling City. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make Sarah different than Helena, whose known to kill her enemies. Sarah wanting to kill Roy is something that Helena would have done. In  fact, both of them are mirrors of each other. If Dinah Laurel discovers Sarah’s identity as Canary, this may cause her to take up the mantle but giving it her own spin that’s in line with justice. The producers were not kidding when they said that Oliver and Sarah will part ways.

Now comes the tragic spoiler – Moira Queen is dead at the hands of Slade just as she was about to tell both Oliver and Thea the truth and reconcile with Thea. Slade had Oliver repeat what happened at the island, yet the difference was that Moira stepped forward and sacrificed herself for Oliver and Thea. For comic fans like myself, this is something that had to happen as Moira was dead when Oliver was young. She had to pay for all the things she’s done in the flashbacks and last season. Everything she did was through lies, so it’s fitting she had to go. Now it’s up to Oliver and Thea to face the real world by themselves.

Things are only going to get worse for Oliver from this point onwards. One of the memorable episodes and a good one overall.


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