Arrow – Streets of Fire review

The penultimate episode of Arrow was mainly about Thea meeting her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn, who saves her from a Deathstroke soldier. Their meeting was not positive as Thea wanted nothing to do with him after what he did in the first season, but with Thea losing her home, money, the club, and Roy, she’s left with nothing but a dark path that’s laid before her. The scenes between them were heavily emotional. I can’t believe the episode ended with Thea seemingly shooting Malcolm when it should have ended with the Deathstroke army terrorizing Starling City and that would have given us a reason to watch the Finale.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Dinah Laurel have the makings of becoming the heroes we know provided if the showrunners stay true to the comics. Dinah Laurel has become useful in this episode as she learned the bow and arrow from Oliver himself. Last episode saw Dinah Laurel giving Oliver the speech, this time it’s Felicity’s turn. They need to make Oliver a lot more likeable – while I like his Green Arrow, I can’t say the same for his Oliver Queen. Justin Hartley nailed both personas in Smallville. As they go their separate way, Oliver and Felicity try to get the cure for Mirakulu while Dinah Laurel meets Sarah who makes her return since we last saw her.

Speaking of Felicity, that was daring of her to hit Isabel with a car as Diggle and Felicity were fighting. Her emotional scenes with Oliver tells me that she may be one of the characters to go in the season finale or she may go to the Flash spin-off that’s now greenlighted by the CW Network.

Sarah is getting a bit of a redemption story as she was in a place that Oliver was back in the first season and her heroic actions in rescuing several people proved that she is a hero. I wonder where that old friend was that she was supposed to get that she talked to Oliver about. They established Sarah being named the Canary, yet I thought it was going to be Black Canary.

A couple of DCU characters are gone – Sebastian Blood and Kate Spencer, who were working together to try to save Starling City. That throws out the idea of Kate becoming Manhunter in the show. Sebastian realizes what Slade is all about as he gives Mirakulu to Oliver, yet this has not escaped Slade and Isabel as Isabel took care of Sebastian. I would have thought that Dinah Laurel should be the one to take him down so the stuff between Dinah Laurel and Sebastian Blood throughout the season was all for nothing. So both Moira Queen and Sebastian Blood, who were running for Mayor in Starling City are now gone and neither of them are the right people to save the city in the first place. It’s a waste to go through all that.

Good penultimate episode overall as things are building towards the finale.



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