Arrow – Unthinkable season finale review

Everything is coming to a head in this season finale with the long-anticipated fight between Oliver and Slade, who is the season’s villain. We see their fight in both the present and the flashbacks and in both of those showed Oliver coming out on top. Oliver is also faced with the choice of being either the hero or the killer once and for all, but he chose to become a hero and it was a great step towards becoming the Green Arrow from the comics. If he chose to become a killer again, then it would have been regression and would undercut everything they went through in the second season. We see Oliver being aided by Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Sarah, Nyssa, and the League of Assassins to counter Slade’s Deathstroke army and for Oliver it’s a struggle of getting help. Oliver and Felicity were on one side of not taking a life while Detective Lance, Sarah, and Nyssa were on the other in taking a life to do what’s necessary. It was cool seeing Oliver lock Slade in the island they were in and they call it the SuperMax, which may be a reference to a Green Arrow movie screenplay.

After being cured of Mirakulu, Roy gets a mask of his own and gets to fight alongside Oliver and the others with bows and arrows. There was criticism about his sudden prowess after spending a portion of the season with Mirakulu. They should have covered Roy’s training in bows and arrows. I get the sense that like Smallville’s season finales, this finale seems to be correcting some of the problems in the 2nd season. That’s not a good approach for a season and that’s why some of Smallville’s seasons were duds because of that.

Dinah Laurel has been great in the season finale, but despite her heroic actions she gets kidnapped by Slade and his army along with Felicity. It was great in seeing her try out the black leather jacket as it’s a hint of where she’s heading. But I wish they did the beginning of the Black Canary story better and I will touch on this in my season review. Dinah Laurel has a storyline for the 3rd season concerning the surprise event involving her father.

Diggle and Lyla have their own storyline in getting Deadshot’s aid and taking down Amanda Waller to stop her from unleashing the bombs on Starling City. However, Waller had a surprise revelation for Diggle concerning Lyla’s child and that will likely come into play for the 3rd season. I was hoping to see Bronze Tiger in the season finale since he was a part of the Suicide Squad.

One other storyline has Thea confronting her real father, Malcolm Merlyn, and she shoots him yet he survives with kevlar. You’d have thought that she would shoot someone else. Then she reunites with Roy briefly and after Roy heads out, Thea discovers bows and arrows and ends up leaving thus leaving a letter to him to finalize their breakup. It’s not a surprise to see Thea heading out of Starling City with Malcolm and I can see her becoming either Speedy or a darker archer of sorts to be used as Malcolm’s vendetta against Oliver for the next season. Of note, Malcolm Merlyn will be a series regular for the third season and I expect Sarah to be one as well along with Amanda Waller.

The island flashbacks have ended for now with Oliver defeating Slade and Sarah’s apparent death as they move towards Oliver in Hong Kong, along with Amanda Waller. I expect the third season flashbacks to be devoted to Hong Kong.

Great season finale and a great ending to the second season.


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