Ace Frehley Space Invader Review

Ace Frehley has released his latest album called Space Invader since 2009’s Anomaly. This is said to be heavier than Anomaly. Upon hearing the whole album online, it is more than that. It’s a lot more catchier and more vibrant than Anomaly. Many of the tunes have grown on me pretty quick.

Ace is also known for doing great covers. On Anomaly, he covered Sweet’s Fox On The Run. In Space Invader, he covers Steve Miller’s song The Joker and it caused me to like it unexpectedly. It’s playing in my head.

Ace’s lead guitar work shines more in Space Invader than Anomaly as it’s reminiscent of KISS, but still his own solo signature. Like Anomaly, I’ve listened to Space Invader from top to bottom and there is not one track I didn’t like. That’s a sign of a great album.

The album comes out in regular CD, the Deluxe CD that has a poster and a couple of additional versions of Space Invader and Gimme A Feeling, and the Vinyl packaging. The artwork is done by Ken Kelly, who did both KISS’ Destroyer and Love Gun.

This album is a high recommender for KISS and Ace Frehley fans that is well-reviewed positively and is sold out in several Best Buys such as the one in San Diego. I expect Space Invader to chart a little bit higher than Anomaly. Great album from Ace overall. Did he outKissed KISS? You bet!!


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