Gotham – Selina kyle review

With the success of the pilot, now we’re dealing with the aftermath of Thomas and Martha Wayne and how it affects Gotham and its people in different ways as we delve deeper into the characters. We’ve learned a little bit more about Carmine Falcone and his family’s relationship to the Waynes and what Fish Mooney’s ambitions are.

The partnership between Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock gets tested when it comes to different law enforcement procedures and it got to the point when it comes of push and shoves. In the end, cooler heads between prevailed through their boss of the GCPD.

The title of the episode is named after Selina Kyle because of a plot involving trafficking children in the cover of some kiddie scheme. Selina didn’t talk in the first episode, but she talks in this one and when she tells another child to go for the eyes of the attackers, she means it in the form of the result. We also see her meet Gordon for the first time concerning Bruce and his parents. Her actions foreshadow on who she will become.

Bruce Wayne has already done something that foreshadows his alter-ego such as popping up out of nowhere on Gordon and Alfred. Speaking of Alfred, he has that Welsh temper that made me want to dislike him. He’s reminiscent of the Earth-One version of him from the graphic novel story done by Geoff Johns.

Oswald Cobblepot, Fish Mooney, and Barbara Kean are killing it in their scenes as Oswald moves forward towards becoming that iconic villain. We get to see Oswald’s mother for the first time as she’s depicted as genteel, yet delusional.

Another great episode of Gotham overall for all involved.


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