Gotham – Balloonman review

Balloonman is the start of vigilantism where people take the law into their own hands and go after criminals. As a result, they would become criminals themselves. One of the mysteries of the episode was someone disguising as the balloonman to go after the wealthy and corrupt and it’s up to both Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock to find out who is the Balloonman.

There’s some little development with Bruce Wayne since his parents were killed in the pilot as he fences with Alfred against his will, but he would cry out about it. He also sees the exploits of the Balloonman and gets inspired by his acts that would foreshadow who he will become.

We have a continuation from the last episode where Selina Kyle tries to tell Jim Gordon about the murder of Bruce’s parents, but Gordon doesn’t believe her at first because she doesn’t have proof so he handcuffs her to a rail. As he investigates further, he can see what Selina can do as she shows why she will become Catwoman. That was the end for her in the episode since last week featured her.

There is some tension between Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya concerning Jim Gordon possibly killing Oswald Cobblepot and hints of their lesbian relationship ended for a reason. Barbara is Jim’s anchor and support in the midst of a corrupt city like Gotham.

Oswald Cobblepot disguises himself in various jobs and in the end we see that he’s in Jim Gordon’s apartment for a reason that was a good cliffhanger. While Cobblepot is trying to return, there is clearly a power struggle going on between Carmine Falcone and Fish Mooney. I feel there’s too much emphasis on a made-for-TV character like Fish Mooney when the focus should be on the characters from the mythology.

Another great episode of Gotham that has the who-dunnit mystery that drew me to Batman in the first place.


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