The Flash – Fastest Man Alive review

Coming off the successful pilot, things are meant to take off with a second episode of the season let alone the series. The introduction was so out of the box yet catchy and cheesy. While Barry is relatable to viewers including myself in the pilot and this episode, I can’t say the same thing with his supporting characters. Some of them come across as unlikable while only two of them are.

Caitlyn came across as bossy and didn’t tell Barry why she was acting this way. According to Cisco, she lost her fiance Ronny Raymond to the particle accelerator accident. Throughout the episode she continued to be bossy even at the end and they need to tone it down with her or I’m going to end up hating her. In comparison to Team Arrow, there’s trust issues among Barry’s team to the point where Barry quit because of doubt.

It’s that doubt that got in Barry’s way when he fought a villain that can multiply himself. If Barry can run at super speed in seconds, he should be able to defeat multiplex in seconds as well. Instead, they had him almost forget he has super-speed. That’s not very consistent with the writing from the superior pilot.

Then there’s Joe West who thinks Barry is not invincible and shouldn’t take the law into his hands. He’s been trying to be a father to Barry, yet Barry still sees his dad as innocent. At least in the end Joe was able to offer Barry help in proving his father’s innocence and eating pizza together.

Iris is the show’s equivalent combination of Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan of Smallville in that she realize that a red streak is saving people. Why does she demand answers from Barry since he awakened from his coma when she’s dating Eddie Thawne? Barry doesn’t need to answer to her and the chemistry feels forced in comparison to Iris’ with Thawne.

I hope there’s not going to be flashbacks in every episode just because Arrow has it. That’s going to get annoying fast.

Harrison Wells is still a mystery as he could either be Professor Zoom, Rip Hunter, or Booster Gold. The end of the episode saw him killed Simon Stagg after Stagg caused the emergence of Multiplex.

An okay followup to the pilot with great super-speed effects, out of the box narration, and character development of Barry Allen, but can’t say the same for his supporting characters.


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