Arrow – Sara review

Last week the season premiere ended with the death of Sara Lance aka Canary. This week is about how her death affects Team Arrow, especially Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance. For Oliver, it’s about being on that cruise and encountering the storm that sets off their similar paths. For Dinah Laurel, she’s her younger sister whom she just got back and learning her secret as a masked vigilante. Sara’s death sets Dinah Laurel on a path towards revenge on the one responsible and it’s up to Oliver to stop her from doing so. They will definitely be at odds over this throughout this third season. I like how Dinah Laurel is fitting with Team Arrow.

Another thing that has Oliver worried is the absence of Thea and how he has not heard from her since last season premiere. This causes Roy to tell Oliver to truth what happened between them all because Felicity told Roy to do so. I wish they let Roy make that decision himself. The ending with Thea was interesting as we now find out what is happening with her since last season finale and she’s doing well under the guidance of her father, Malcolm Merlyn. I have to say that both Malcolm and Thea do look-alike.

Felicity became so melodramatic a few times that it’s getting annoying. They need to tone that down. This relationship between her and Ray Palmer is coming across as creepy and stalking on Ray’s part that will cause a clash between Ray and Oliver over her. There is mutual respect between Dinah Laurel and Felicity as there wasn’t many scenes between them in the first two seasons. Same thing with Dinah Laurel and Diggle as well.

Tommy is being wasted on the flashbacks as they could have done that without him. He wasn’t really needed. So what happened? He just happened to be there all of a sudden? How did he know that Oliver was in Hong Kong?

Good followup to the season premiere as I’m interested in Dinah Laurel’s journey towards Black Canary and Thea’s journey towards Speedy.


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