Gotham – Arkham review

Starting this week, I will watch Gotham on Fridays because of Star Wars: Rebels being on Mondays. This latest episode deals with the potential war between the crime bosses of Falcone and Marone over what to to with Arkham and how the plans of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne fit in. Jim Gordon and some villainous hitman are caught in the middle of it in different ways as Gordon wonders if the city can be saved while the hitman is working for both crime bosses and tries to escalate the war between them.

Last episode we saw friction between Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya over their relationship and what Jim Gordon apparently did in the pilot. That has progressed into the tension between Jim and Barbara over Montoya’s visit as well as the returning Oswald Cobblepot. This is the first time Gordon and Cobblepot interacted since the pilot and we get more into it than the pilot itself. If Falcone discovers Cobblepot is alive, he’d take out both Gordon and Cobblepot. However, Cobblepot is rising through the ranks of the criminal underworld and Gordon is unwittingly playing a role here that will definitely have consequences later in the season as well as his relationship with Barbara.

Selina Kyle is not in this episode so this opens more room for young Bruce Wayne, who is doing a little bit of detective work in helping out Gordon about Arkham. I’d like to see Bruce get out more since his parents’ death. He couldn’t stay in Wayne Manor for long.

They need to tone down this emphasis on a made-for-tv character like Fish Mooney because that screentime could have been used for the developments of other characters like Bruce and Edward Nygma, who is underused since the pilot. They need to do something with Nygma here as well.

Arkham Asylum itself looks superb and the look of the city is so like feature film. This is why I said that this is a Batman movie without Batman. Another good episode overall.


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