Arrow – Corto Maltese review

After setting up the season for the first two episodes, we get to see what Thea has been up to since we last saw her in the season finale with Malcolm. The flashbacks showed that she has been training with her father in the art of swordfighting and archery. Yet there is still tension and mistrust with Malcolm on Thea’s part. In the present, we see that she’s working at a cafe trying to find herself outside of Starling City. The focus was mainly on both Thea and Dinah Laurel.

Speaking of Dinah Laurel, she tries to embark on some vigilante activity like her late sister, Sarah, but it backfires on her. Before that, we see the first meeting between her and Ted Grant that was anything but friendly. How nice of them to bring up Tom Bronson because that is the name of Ted’s son from the comics. The way that Dinah Laurel has been going about this with fire is what was at odds with Oliver, who refuses to train her and doesn’t want her getting hurt. Eventually, she decides to train under Ted Grant thus setting off the path to become Black Canary.

Oliver decides to bring Thea home with Roy and Diggle, but Diggle’s scenes with Lyla has put all three in some kind of international incident involving Argus. For once, we get to see Diggle leading the charge since this is Argus business. When there is a mission outside of Starling City, Diggle would take the lead. Whenever something happens in Starling City, Oliver’s in charge. Oliver and Roy’s scenes with Thea eventually got through to her to come home, but when she did decide to go home with them Oliver notices that something is different with her yet can’t place it. This is likely where the ending of the episode comes in involving the returning Nyssa Al Ghul.

Good episode overall at best to move Dinah Laurel and Thea forward. Look forward to Nyssa’s return.


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