Arrow – The Magician review

The effects of Sarah Lance’s death continue as we see the return of Nyssa Al Ghul, who comes to Starling City to avenge Sarah’s death and thinks Malcolm Merlyn did it. Oliver finds out through her that Malcolm is in Starling City. At first, Oliver and Nyssa were working together to track Malcolm but their methods differ and this is where there’s conflict between Oliver and Nyssa over Malcolm that escalated towards the end during their climactic 3-way fight. It lead to the reveal of Ra’s Al Ghul and I predict stuff will go down at least until the season finale.

Oliver and Malcolm meet for the first time since the end of the first season and learns that Thea went with Malcolm on the night he and Team Arrow dealt with Slade, his army, Amanda Waller, and the Suicide Squad. This causes Oliver to question Thea about Malcolm and why she’s been acting different. Nice to see Thea getting back the nightclub and rekindling her relationship with Roy on a different level. At least Malcolm has one thing that will ground him and it’s Thea as he knows Oliver will not kill over that. Now we know the real reason he was in Starling City besides Thea and it’s the bounty that Ra’s Al Ghul placed on him with Nyssa trying to enforce it.

There is also tension between Dinah Laurel and Nyssa as Dinah Laurel blames the League of Assassins for Sarah’s death. They eventually bonded over their love for Sarah and Dinah Laurel continues to train as well as looking into Malcolm Merlyn’s return to Starling City. Like Nyssa, Dinah Laurel was also at odds with Oliver about killing Malcolm Merlyn over Sarah’s death and the deaths of thousands, including Tommy Merlyn.

This episode is also a study of what it would be like without Felicity as the team did well without her. They also did well with continuity where she just got back from Central City as we saw in this week’s Flash episode. If Felicity appeared in this episode, then she’d be overexposed and that’s something the producers had to be careful about.

Probably the best episode since the premiere.


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