The Flash – Plastique review

After a week hiatus, we are back with an episode where we are introduced to several DCU characters – Plastique Bette Sans Souci, General Wade Eiling, and Gorilla Grodd. Unlike several other villains, Plastique isn’t a villain metahuman of the week. She’s in the same vein as Captain Cold. The portrayal of her was a lot more realistic than the comics as she comes across as troubled when she learns the truth about her explosive powers. Bette brings out some of the best drama from Barry and one whom Barry can connect with when they’re both were victims of the particle accelerator accident. I ended up liking this portrayal of Plastique.

General Eiling has a reason to be in the show and that’s Plastique and his history ties with Harrison Wells. I have a feeling we will not see the last of General Eiling. The end scene involving he and Wells has just introduced Gorilla Grodd. I hope they don’t make him cheesy and it could either succeed or fail depending on the execution. I’m glad they’re going to do it. It’s something that would likely not have happened in the original Flash series.

Iris is becoming relevant and being tied into the Flash storylines in that she starts writing a blog about him and got his attention when they made that first meeting. This becomes a problem for both Barry and Joe as she may put herself in danger because she put her name out there. Both tried to convince her and failed, so this results in Barry in not seeing her for awhile since she has a boyfriend in Eddie Thawne. I’m glad this happened because there was no romantic chemistry between Barry and Iris like she has with Eddie. Barry living with Iris since they were children was a mistake. It makes them more like brother and sister than a love couple.

The special effects in this episode far surpasses Smallville’s, especially in the super-speed department. There is a reason why he’s called the fastest man alive and they’re showing it.

Either Harrison Wells is from the future as one of Rip Hunter’s people or he’s a Monitor from the crisis. Caitlin Snow is likeable in this episode as she feels like a real person.

Great episode to come back with.


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