Star Wars Rebels – Empire Day

Empire Day is the first of a two-parter and I think it’s a midseason finale. This episode focuses on Ezra Bridger’s past as well as the Imperials celebrating Empire Day on Lothal. What’s revealing is that Empire Day happens to be Ezra’s birthday. The Rebels were on a mission to seek a Rodian that the Imperials were searching and Ezra knows where he is.

Ezra is not opening up to Kanan thus causing the tension between the two during Jedi training. Matter of fact, he’s not revealing to anyone in the Ghost crew and it reminds me of Hera from last episode when it comes to revealing her sources. I think it’s clear that there are trust issues among the rebels.

The focus was on Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine when they’re in action taking the Rodian and dealing with the Imperials. Plus, Zeb has a score to settle with General Kallus since Droids In Distress as Zeb kind of got even with him.

The episode ends in a cliffhanger when the Rodian knows what happens to Ezra’s parents. Much better episode than last week’s and looking forward to the conclusion next week.


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