TNA Wrestling Signs With Destination America

After 9 years with SpikeTV, TNA Wrestling has decide to part ways with them and sign with a new network called Destination America, which is under the Discovery umbrella of networks. It marks the end of speculation concerning TNA’s TV deal situation. This results in TNA trending in both Yahoo and Twitter and gaining mainstream coverage of their new deal. Already Destination America has begun promoting TNA in their sites a lot faster than Spike ever did in their 9 years together. Spike has 90 million households while Destination America has around 60 million households so that gap isn’t that far off.

The details about this deal would be that Impact will continue to be 2 hours either on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Additional programming will be included and this is something that TNA wanted for years and Spike wouldn’t give it to them. A second show is badly needed with the roster they have. They can’t fit everyone on Impact. TNA will be treated as important and being a flagship for Destination America. It’s something they never got with Spike.

TNA has had  talks with Spike, WGN America, Fox, and CMT. The passed on them for the following reasons. With Spike, it would be the same as before but with less money. No promotion or additional programming. That was the final straw for TNA as they put an end to it right then and there. They passed on WGN because TNA would not air until the second quarter of 2015, along with pre-emptions for baseball, and TNA could not risk being off the air for too long. With Fox, it was about ownership and it’s out of the question as long as Dixie Carter remains President of TNA. It’s unknown about the dealings with CMT at this point, but it’s likely about them being under the Viacom umbrella like Spike.

Now that the TV deal is behind them, TNA has a lot of work to do in relaunching for Destination America. They will be re-focusing on their creative direction as well as rethinking their business model inside out after a disastrous year. Live events touring will be limited going forward since they do not make money. Josh Matthews will be overhauling TNA’s website. Talent deals will now be made and they need to re-sign Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Gail Kim, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Bully Ray as well as bringing in new talent they can afford.

The haters of TNA have already rushed into judgment that this would be a bad deal just because TNA moved to a smaller network yet failed to see the perks that go with the new deal. Too bad as TNA lives on. Where are the critics who wrote TNA’s demise at?

I thought so and TNA’s future is now bright that we have to wear new shades!!


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