The Flash – Flash Vs. Arrow review

Tonight was the first of two crossovers between the two shows, Arrow and The Flash. This crossover occurs on the Flash TV series where Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity come to Central City to look for their villain, Captain Boomerang, but Barry needs their help in finding this villain of the week called Rainbow Raider, who can control the emotions of his victims.

The partnership didn’t turn out how Barry hoped and Barry decides to go after Rainbow Raider by himself. Unfortunately, he turned Flash evil as Flash  starts to go full-blown rage against the police, Joe West, Iris West, and Eddie Thawne before the Arrow arrives that results in a confrontation.

The fight between Flash and Arrow is satisfying and it gives fans a taste of what it would be like if Superman and Batman fought in the big screen for their upcoming movie in 2016. Both Superman and Batman better bring up their A-game in 2016. Oliver has Barry face the lights that would cure him. Then they would go on to capture Rainbow Raider, yet we don’t see it onscreen.

The writers admitted that the chemistry between Barry and Iris isn’t working and that Barry and Caitlin is. I didn’t expect to see the mother of Oliver’s child again as Oliver doesn’t know that his child is still alive. Oliver gave lots of advices to Barry about not getting the women. There are nerdy moments for Team Arrow and Team Flash, especially with Diggle and between Felicity and Dr. Wells, whom Oliver knows that something is off with him.

The episode ends with a live-action debut of Firestorm, played by Stephen Amell’s cousin, Robbie, who makes history as being the first-ever live-action Firestorm. He looks almost like Human Torch, except the fire would be on his head and heads.

Awesome episode overall as everyone involved made this happen.


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