Arrow – The Brave and The Bold review

The second part of the Flash/ Arrow crossover concludes in Arrow where Team Arrow continues to track down Captain Boomerang. Just as Team Arrow came to Central City, Team Flash does the same when they come to Starling City. We see Team Flash’s reactions on how things run in Starling City.

The relationship between Oliver and Barry seems to have taken a turn when Barry sees how Oliver operates that involve torturing someone with Arrows. This was a study of the different approaches that superheroes take when seeking justice. If it was Superman and Batman, it would be similar except that Batman doesn’t kill like Green Arrow does. Back in the Flash side of the crossover, both Joe West and Dr. Wells warned Barry about Oliver and seeing how Arrow operates Barry can now see how right they were about him.

Captain Boomerang is the second villain to invade the Arrow Cave and attack Felicity, Caitlin, Cisqo, and Lyla Michaels of ARGUS. The theme of what goes around, comes around resonates throughout the episode in many ways as this was payback for putting bombs in his head.

I didn’t think Dinah Laurel Lance has figured out Barry Allen’s secret as the Flash that quick and it’s Dinah Laurel’s first meeting with him as well as her only scene.

Thea’s only scene was giving Roy, Cisqo, Caitlin, Barry, and Felicity drinks at her club as Team Flash realizes that they’re not taking things seriously like in Central City.

I could do without the flashbacks, but Amanda Waller didn’t teach Oliver to be ruthless as that was both Yao Fei and Slade Wilson.

That should be it for crossovers for now as I hope they don’t do it too often and The Flash needs to stand out on its own apart from Arrow. I’m glad that Oliver gets an update with his costume. Oliver has opened up to Barry a lot easier than he has with his own team and I like that Roy is getting along with Cisqo a lot better.

Great episode overall on the Arrow side of the crossover.


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