JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time review

I had the fortune of taking advantage of Wal-Mart’s promotional DVD sales where the DVD’s would sell between $1.96-$14.96. Luckily the DVD’s I about were between $1.96-$3.96. Among the lowest priced DVD’s were Man of Steel 2-Disc Edition, Justice League: War, Son of Batman, and JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time. While I already reviewed the first two movies, this is about reviewing JLA Adventures. Originally this was exclusive to Target until it became a nationwide release.

This cartoon is inspired by the Superfriends with a plot where Lex Luthor leads the Legion of Doom to go back in time to prevent Superman from being born thus affecting the birth of the Justice League. There was a paradox involved with Lex Luthor as he was frozen for a thousand years thanks to Karate Kid and Dawnstar whom we see the film’s viewpoints from. They are in the similar roles of Apache Chief and Samurai. The real main villain isn’t Lex Luthor, it’s the Time Trapper himself who can manipulate space-time continuum as well as opening up time portals and vortexes. He’s up there with Darkseid, Brainiac, and Doomsday when it comes to global threats.

I like how Superman is portrayed in this film as he’s the absolute leader of the Justice League as well as he should be and I feel that DC Comics has swayed from what made Superman great in the first place after 75 years. They need to go back to him being the leader of the Justice League again because I don’t see Batman’s leadership inspiring confidence the way Superman’s does. I hope this would be a new cartoon series after the cancellation of Young Justice.

The film is 53 minutes long in widescreen and comes with 2 episodes of the Superfriends involving time. It also comes with a trailer or two. I wish the film would have more time like the others. A  good keeper for Justice League fans.


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