Son of Batman review

Son of Batman takes place in the same continuity as both Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and Justice League: War, meaning that the Batman in this film is the same Batman as in the other two films. It’s based on the comics story called Batman and Son, where they introduced his son named Damian Wayne whose mother is Talia Al Ghul and grandfather is Ra’s Al Ghul. Damian is an arrogant and vengeful prodigy trained in every skill possible that he has the potential to surpass his father. The Damian in the animated film is much more enjoyable than the Damian from the comics.

The film starts with Ra’s Al Ghul overseeing the training of the League of Assassins as he’s joined by Talia, Damian, and Ra’s son named Dusan, who along with the other ninjas get killed by the mercenaries led by Deathstroke Slade Wilson. Slade was trained by Ra’s until Ra’s saw something in Batman that caused Slade to either leave or be banished from the temple. Ra’s is apparently dead and this has Batman surprised about Talia’s lack of mourning for her father. The meeting between father and son show the awkwardness between Bruce and Damian as this open up a new dimension for Batman in raising a child. I like Damian’s line about wanting to drive the Batmobile and Batman won’t let him.

While Damian’s meeting with his father was awkward, his meeting with Nightwing was violent as Nightwing stopped Damian from killing a former member of the League of Assassins. We never saw the fight between Damian and Nightwing, but we saw the result with Damian being bound, gagged, and embarrassed by the defeat. This didn’t sit well with Batman who tries to discipline Damian in many ways possible. Batman got Damian to become Robin much to Nightwing’s dismay.

Son of Batman has many cool and humorous moments as well as great fight sequences. Out of the Batman films, I’m enjoying this one along with Year One and Gotham Knights. It’s a high keeper for Batman fans. I want to see an animated series based on this starring Damian Wayne. Yes, I said starring as he can carry a TV series without his legendary father.


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