The Flash – The Man In The Yellow Suit review

The midseason finale has Barry and his friends celebrating Christmas altogether while we see the live-action debuts of the Reverse-Flash and Firestorm Ronnie Raymond. The Reverse-Flash is portrayed as the true villain threat to Barry because he is faster than Barry and has defeated him not once, but twice. If anything this puts Reverse-Flash as the top Flash villain while Captain Cold would be second. They kept the Reverse-Flash a mystery with the vibrations over his face so that we don’t know who he is and the mystery worked to his advantage. Obviously, Reverse-Flash is a lot bigger than Barry physically. The yellow suit looked awesome with a taint of black and ends up looking better than Barry’s suit, which needs an upgrade badly considering he looks like Daredevil.

They had the soap opera triangle between Barry, Iris, and Eddie where Barry learns that Iris is moving in with Eddie. Barry tries to reveal his true feelings for Iris, but it’s basically too little, too late as she already made her decision. This is will cause both Barry and Iris to grow further and further apart. Quite frankly, there was no romantic chemistry between them due to the fact that they had them live together when Barry was little. Someone in DC must not be a fan of the Barry/ Iris relationship. Glad that they got that out of the way.

In addition to the storyline with the Reverse-Flash, the other storyline saw Caitlin seeing Ronnie Raymond for the first time since the particle accelerator accident. Just as Caitlin was ready to move on, in comes Ronnie Raymond with new fire powers on his head and hands. I hope they don’t have him be like the Human Torch. I like seeing him be involved in the climax with Barry and Reverse-Flash as we could see the seeds of Barry teaming up with other heroes besides Arrow. The way Ronnie flew was awesome. I expect Ronnie to join Team Flash down the line. Barry is going to need all the help he can get against the rogues.

Couple of revelations were that Cisqo discovers that there was another speedster the night Barry’s mother was killed and Harrison Wells revealing to have the yellow suit, along with the Flash ring and tachyon device. I think it’s too obvious to think that Wells is Reverse-Flash as I expect more curve balls being thrown at us. I think there may be 2 Reverse-Flashes out there with one being Wells and the other being either future Eddie Thawne or Eobard Thawne. Notice the Reverse-Flash didn’t kill Eddie. I think Harrison Wells is either the Superfriends version or Hunter Zolomon or a combination of both. As for Cisqo’s revelation, it’s clear that the red streak was obviously future Barry who was trying to stop the Reverse-Flash. I hope they show this in the season finale.

How nice to see Amanda Pays reprise her role as Dr. Tina McGhee, but a different version from the one in the original Flash series. She works for Mercury Labs and is a foil to Dr. Harrison Wells. I hope we haven’t seen the last of her as she could become part of Team Flash again.

An epic season finale with a little bit of everything we wanted and more. It’s a great way to cap off the first half of the season as we look forward to the show returning in January 20.


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