Arrow – The Climb review

The show has just reached its midseason finale where Oliver Queen has an ultimatum from Ra’s Al Ghul and his daughter, Nyssa – solve the murder of Sarah Lance or the citizens of Starling City die. As Oliver and his team were investigating Sarah’s death, they did a twist where they had us believe that Oliver did it. But Oliver knows too well that is was Malcolm Merlyn who set him up and they investigated further where they learned that Malcolm and Thea took a flight to Starling City the day before Sarah’s death. This causes Oliver to confront Thea about Malcolm as himself and Arrow and as both personas, Oliver learns the truth about Thea’s time in Corto Maltese. I find it hard to believe Thea can go toe-to-toe with Arrow.

In confronting Malcolm, Oliver sees the video where Thea was the one who killed Sarah but under the influence of the drugs that Malcolm gave her. This is going to cause complications for everyone as I can see a confrontation between Dinah Laurel and Thea down the line. It could change the relationship between Roy and Thea as well.

We got to see another side of Nyssa in how obedient she is to her father Ra’s and the Japanese guy from the flashbacks is also in the League of Assassins as well because of the death of his wife, Tatsu, which I hope is not true. Yeah, we’ve seen Tatsu fight China White where she was bloodied and kidnapped. But I was hoping Katana would appear in the present day to join Team Arrow.

They revealed the true reasons why Ray Palmer bought Queen Consolidated as he’s building a prototype suit that will allow him to shrink and we get to find out what ATOM stands for. Felicity seems to be the bridge between all three heroes – Arrow, Flash, and Atom. Love Felicity’s reaction to her role with the heroes.

Dinah Laurel was planning to celebrate Christmas with her father until she gets a surprise visit from her mother, Dinah Drake, who knew immediately that Dinah Laurel was hiding something until she had learned the truth about Sarah’s death. Dinah Laurel vowed to her mother that she will make those responsible for Sarah’s death pay and Dinah Drake agreed. This is why I see a confrontation between Dinah Laurel and Thea happening in the second half of the season. The Lances were fine in this episode. Both Dinah Drake and Thea now of Sarah’s death and Detective Lance is the only one who hasn’t found out yet.

Throughout the episode, we see Oliver climb the mountain while it’s snowy until the last 5 minutes of the episode where we have he and Ra’s Al Ghul fight with swords. It is here that they gave us a shock ending where Ra’s defeats and kills Oliver and sends him falling down much the same way Sarah fell to her death. Basically, the first half of the season started with Sarah’s death and ends with Oliver’s death.

It was an okay midseason finale as I expected more. Compared to the Flash’s season finale, the Flash’s was better. I look forward to Team Arrow operating without Oliver. In both midseason finales, the Flash and Arrow were defeated by Reverse-Flash and Ra’s Al Ghul.


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