The Flash Midseason Review

Out of all the TV show based on DC Comics characters, the Flash was the most anticipated and most hyped of all with all the interviews and trailers for the CW. It was the first time we had a Flash TV series since 1990. When the pilot premiered, it was a ratings success and it successfully lived up to the hype. Unlike Smallville, the Flash was not ashamed to be a comic book TV series. It was created by Greg Berlanti, who also co-created its sister show Arrow. The Flash was a spinoff from Arrow when Barry Allen made his appearance or two in last season. Both of these shows are set in the same universe and it wasn’t before long that we get crossovers.

Immediately Barry Allen got his costume, but the Flash name didn’t come until a few episodes later. So in contrast to Smallville where Clark didn’t fly and wear the suit until its series finale, Barry got his almost from the start. After what happened with Smallville, viewers have no patience for something that may take too long to pay off. That’s why Smallville was notorious for stalling and continuing, not progressing and evolving.

Barry Allen is the main character of the series and is a police scientist. His mother was killed by man in the yellow suit aka Reverse Flash when he was young. His father, Henry, ends up being framed and goes to jail for it. Raising Barry is detective Joe West and Barry lives with them, along with Joe’s daughter Iris. Barry and Iris are like brother and sister and this is where there was no romantic chemistry between them. Eventually Iris ended falling for detective Eddie Thawne, who is Joe’s partner out in the field. Supporting Barry and his cause are future Vibe Cisqo Ramon, future Killer Frost Caitlin Snow, and the mysterious Dr. Harrison Wells.

At first, Harrison Wells may be a made-for-TV character but I found out that he could be based on the Dr. Wells from the Superfriends cartoons where there is the basic idea of him time travel. He could also be based on author HG Wells. A lot of people think he’s either the Reverse Flash from the future, Rip Hunter, or one of the Monitors. Every episode ends with something happening involving Dr. Wells. The midseason finale saw him put a device on the yellow suit causing people to believe he’s the Reverse Flash, but I think it’s too obvious.

The Flash put out some impressive portrayals of the Rogues such as Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Multiplex, Captain Boomerang, Gorilla Grodd, along with several DC heroes such as Firestorm Ronnie Raymond, who is Caitlin’s fiance. This causes Caitlin to prevent anything happening to Barry after what happened to Ronnie.  I had hoped that we see interactions between Ronnie Raymond and his future stepmother, Felicity Smoak.

The crossovers between The Flash and Arrow have already happened since the pilot episode and would occur with frequent appearances by Oliver and Felicity. Diggle also made his debut on the Flash TV show and has shown genuine reactions to Flash’s powers.  The first part of the crossover saw Flash Vs. Arrow where Barry was under the influence and fighting Arrow, who is trying to subdue him. The second part of the crossover occurred in Arrow, where Flash’s team sees how things are in Starling City and causes them to take things more serious. The crossovers between the two shows are a success and would open doors for more crossovers down the line.

The midseason finale sees the Man In The Yellow Suit making his presence known and has shown to be a threat to Barry and his friends, especially Iris. He pummeled Dr. Wells and didn’t lay a finger on Eddie Thawne, but he is more than a match for Barry. The portrayal of the Reverse Flash is very excellent and this put tints of black on the yellow suit. They vibrated his face so that no one knows who he is.

The Flash is a success for the CW and I predict a renewal for the second season. I’m enjoying this series the most.


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