Arrow Midseason Review

Arrow’s third season is in a difficult position. The second season of the show is a hard act to follow and is one of the best seasons ever. So what do they follow up the second season with? A villain for the third season named Ra’s Al Ghul and a shocking death of a major character. Ra’s Al Ghul is primarily a Batman villain and terrorist. He has lived for hundreds of years because off the Lazarus Pit. The problem here with the use of Ra’s is that he’s hardly seen throughout the first half of the season until the midseason finale. The fight between Oliver and Ra’s has ended with Oliver’s death at Ra’s hands. Sure Ra’s was seen in the third or fourth episode, but wasn’t seen much. That’s because the real threat is Malcolm Merlyn and his daughter, Thea.

The third season starts off with Oliver and Roy fighting crime together as Arrow and Arsenal and we have Sarah Lance’s return to help. Then it happened – Sarah gets killed by an assassin’s arrow causing Dinah Laurel on a quest to avenge her death. The first half of the season was primarily about Sara’s death and the effects it has on the others. No one has taken it harder than Dinah Laurel. As much as I liked Sarah, she had to be killed off for Dinah Laurel to become Black Canary. Had Sarah stayed, she would have lessened Dinah Laurel’s journey towards becoming Black Canary. Much like Wintergreen Deathstroke, Sarah was the faux Black Canary.

We see Diggle becoming a father to a child with Lyla Michaels and Felicity caught between relationships with Oliver and one other person – Ray Palmer, future Atom who bought Queen Consolidated for a mysterious purpose. The way Ray was portrayed was creepy. We  got to see the suit that he has been working on. Ray was never used in action. If they have Ray wear the suit and shrink in Flash, then I have to wonder what was the point of all his appearances in Arrow. All of this could have happened in the Flash too.

One other comics character was introduced and his name is Ted Grant aka Wildcat. He is a boxing champion and has trained many boxers. It’s revealed that he was once a vigilante before Oliver was and makes sense considering he was one of the founders of the Justice Society of America. His purpose is to train Dinah Laurel on her way to don the Canary mantle.

Thea has undergone a change since she’s revealed to be Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter with her being trained in archery and swordsmanship. Oliver and his group discovered what she had been doing, but they have discovered the shocking truth about Thea. She murdered Sarah Lance under the influence of some drug that Malcolm gave her. If Dinah Laurel finds this out, it could spark a confrontation between her and Thea. Nyssa Al Ghul may still want to go after Malcolm.

The flashbacks saw Oliver in Hong Kong and have him be associated with Katana Tatsu Shiro, along with her husband. All of Oliver’s missions are coordinated by Amanda Waller. My hope is that Katana doesn’t die and is brought to the present day to join with Team Arrow.

They’re trying to step up the plate for the third season and it’s good to see some focus on other characters. I just hope they need to tone down certain characters so that they can give some emphasis on others. Good solid followup to the second season.


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