Star Wars Rebels – Path of A Jedi review

We are back from a month-long hiatus with an episode that progresses from the midseason finale, where Ezra Bridger was tapping into the Dark Side of the Force. The majority of the focus is on both Kanan and Ezra as they discover a Jedi temple on Lothal. They addressed Ezra’s lack of commitment that’s casual at best and going through the trials by himself. It takes both Master and Padawan to open the entrance of the temple through their combined focus of the Force. As Ezra lost his focus, the temple’s entrance closes. Once Ezra goes through the trials alone, we got to see what his true fears that he didn’t fully revel in the mid-season finale.

Appearing in the episode is the voice of Yoda done by Frank Oz in a similar way Qui-Gon Jinn did in Clone Wars. Here he reminds Kanan and the viewers that Kanan is not a Jedi Master. I’m glad because if they were to bring a Jedi Master into the show, they should have him supervise Kanan’s training before Kanan is truly qualified to train Ezra. Yoda is also guiding Ezra as Ezra is seeing visions where Kanan and the rest of the crew are killed by the Inquisitor. We got to find out why Ezra wants to be a Jedi. These visions are foreshadow of things to come for the rest of the season as one or both could come true in twisted ways.

The only villain shown is the Inquisitor and I don’t see Agent Kallus, which may mean that Kallus could meet  his demise at the hands of Zeb in a rematch between them.

We see the corpses of two Jedi Master who died as their Padawans never returned and Kanan didn’t have to meet that same fate when Ezra returned. The crystal that Ezra got is a big step up as well as the debut of a lightsaber/ blaster hybrid of his own. While Ezra wanted to use the temple as a base for the crew, Kanan reminds him that it’s nothing but the past. I suspect that Obi-Wan’s holocron message had something to do with that. I look forward to how Ezra will use his lightsaber/ blaster weapon.

Great episode to return with.


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