Gotham – What The Little Bird Told Me review

This episode is the second episode that doesn’t have both Bruce and Alfred. It’s likely because of the last 2 episodes before hiatus focused on them. But it’s also clear that Bruce is not the star of the show as we were led to believe. The star of the show would have to be in every episode and it’s Jim Gordon, along with Harvey Bullock, Penguin, and Fish Mooney. The mob story is the main story rather than the development of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. Speaking of the mob story, things are coming to a head for Carmine Falcone, Penguin, and Fish Mooney when on one hand, Penguin accidentally reveals his true plans with Sal Marone who questions his loyalty. Things get to a head when Falcone learns and he is showing why he is the big bad of Gotham. I see him as the Batman equivalent to Lex Luthor than Joker. Fish clearly underestimated Penguin as she gets a taste of her own medicine.

The other story has Jim Gordon dealing with the Electrocutioner, who wants to kill those who have wronged him. Not a bad villain here as I wish they’d have keep him alive. In  the midst of this sees the debuts of Commissioner Loeb and Flass, who was Gordon’s partner from the Year One story. Like their comic counterparts, both Loeb and Flass have proven to be corrupt like the city itself. This thing with Gordon and Barbara Keane isn’t working and why are we to care about what Barbara does in this episode? Gordon is better suited with Dr. Leslie Thompkins because their chemistry was a lot better.

It seems that when you have damsels in distresses in tv shows based on the comics, they don’t end up resembling their comic book counterparts and their traits go to other characters instead. It has become the pattern that started in Smallville and resonates in both Arrow and Flash, along with this show.

Things have finally moved forward with this episode, but they need to bring back Bruce and Alfred as you can’t have the origin story without them. Good episode overall.


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