Arrow – Left Behind review

After midseason finale that saw Oliver being defeated and killed by Ra’s Al Ghul, he was apparently dead and Team Arrow didn’t know about it until Malcolm Merlyn found out. But Felicity found out what Merlyn was doing before Oliver went to the League of Assassins. In Oliver’s absence, we get to see how Team Arrow operates without him and they’re not all 100%. I enjoyed seeing Roy and Diggle being out on the field together for a change. There is a villain on the rise and he goes by the name of Brick as even bullets don’t faze him.

Felicity was annoying in this one as I felt she gave up too quickly upon knowing Oliver’s death, but she needs to be concrete with her feelings between Oliver and Ray. She’s creating a love triangle between them that she may not want to get out of. Everything that Oliver worked for ends up being cast aside. The team needs to something about access to their cave as too many people now know where it is as this eliminates the sense of secrecy. Even Dinah Laurel was better in this one as she tries to tell Felicity that Oliver will make this out alive and in a way she was right. This is what the Dinah Laurel we should have gotten from the beginning.

Dinah Laurel now realizes Oliver is dead she has motivation to take up a costume and mask to fight crime as the new Black Canary. It came off very well. I look forward to her joining Team Arrow and hopefully form the Birds of Prey as well with Huntress and Katana. She doesn’t have Sarah’s years of training and experience, so she has a lot to learn about the costumed vigilante trade. It didn’t surprise me that Dinah would become Black Canary in the end.

Speaking of Katana, I was glad that Tatsu is alive in the present along with Oliver but Tatsu’s husband ends up being revealed as the one who took Oliver in to be healed. I have a feeling Maseo will die at Ra’s hands and his soul will be in Tatsu’s sword. If and when she becomes Katana, I hope she resembles the New 52 version and be Oliver’s bodyguard like in Batman: Brave and Bold.

Good episode to return with.


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