The Flash – Revenge of the Rogues review

The Flash returns from a hiatus with an episode that features not one, but two rogues named Captain Cold and Heat Wave who are played by actors who were in another show called Prison Break. The last time we saw Captain Cold, he was one of the few that bested the Flash so he’s still Flash’ arch-enemy than Reverse-Flash and he shows why he will be among the Legion of Doom. The effects of the midseason finale are felt when Barry is focusing on the Reverse-Flash than Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Thanks to the nudging of Dr. Wells, his priorities are on the Reverse-Flash as this didn’t sit well with Joe West who can see right through Wells’ plan. There is obviously a power struggle between Joe and Wells over Barry’s future.

They addressed that the romantic chemistry between Barry and Iris just isn’t there and it was sealed by the fact that they were living together as kids since Barry lost his mother and his father went to jail. Barry revealed his true feelings to Iris, but it was too little too late and Oliver’s advice to him back in the crossover hit home for him. The producers hinted that Barry and Iris will grow apart and this was the start. All the DC iconic couples that were adapted by CW shows end up not being portrayed well, except for Clark and Lois from Smallville. However, a lot of the stuff with Iris moving out with Eddie took up some screentime and was unnecessary.

This episode was supposed to be the turning point for the Flash because he is now revealing himself to the public and that there is the impossible among them. They succeeded in this area that Smallville didn’t. The fight itself was not written well and it’s supposed to be inspired by Superman 2. The plan for the Flash having Captain Cold and Heat Wave’s guns was a waste as all Barry needed to do was take their guns or knock them out with his super-speed. I don’t think written Barry in terms of the action scenes and I wonder if they were feeling the same way with Superman since he also has super-speed. Nice of Captain Cold to come up with the Scarlet Speedster name and Cisqo to come up with the Reverse-Flash name.

Usually when a Flash episode ends, it usually ends with something involving Wells. Since he’s been revealed as the Reverse-Flash in midseason finale, there was not point in keeping up the mystery. Instead we have Captain Cold’s sister breaking he and Heat Wave out of police custody as she makes her debut as Golden Girder. A nice cliffhanger for a change.

We saw the debut of another future Firestorm named Jason Rusch, who was interviewed by Caitlin about the Firestorm project that he and Professor Stein were working on. It’s a great way to learn more about Firestorm even though Ronnie is not in the episode. Caitlin and Barry are connecting that Barry couldn’t with Iris and that’s sad.

A good episode overall to come back with and a lot has moved forward.


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