Star Wars Rebels – Vision of Hope review

As Ezra continues with his Jedi training such as deflecting blaster shots so that it can hit a target, he experiences visions through the Force. The interesting thing here is that we never saw how the Jedi experience the visions in the movies and here was the first time they show it. While Kanan and Hera were skeptical, Ezra believes in them just because a rogue Senator knew his parents. Ezra got to meet his friend from the Imperial academy again as they have news for each other and not all of it was positive.

The Imperials have set up base in Lothal and we never saw the inside of it deep until this episode. The reason is that they rescuing that Senator, Trayvin, from the Imperials only to learn that he’s actually part of the Imperials. His work was meant to expose the Rebels and make them come out of hiding so that the Empire can capture and execute them. While Hera knew this from the start, it almost caused Ezra to lose hope yet didn’t. They got this whole intel from Fulcrum and I wonder about Fulcrum’s competence here.

Ezra’s skill in the lightsaber is growing as he puts it to use against the Imperials. Chopper got to have his moment when he took out an Imperial Astromech droid. The teamwork of the Rebels is gelling by this point as everyone had a role. The way Ezra looked at Trayvin means he’s not through with him. Good episode overall here.


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