TNA Impact Lockdown review

The buildup to Lockdown was pretty sloppy because it was only hyped a week before the event instead of being hyped and promoted since airing on Destination America. It seems TNA is putting all their energies into Impact than anything else and they feel the PPV’s are not doing well in business. As this airs, Lockdown is now free on TV for the first time. The time constraints were an issue thus causing the hyped-up matches to be short. All matches took place inside the steel-cage and whole point of them was to prevent outside interference. Problem was that this past week, they defeated that whole purpose when a few minutes in Manik got inside and Khoya grabbed Matt Hardy through one of the big holes of the cages. I don’t know what TNA was trying to aim for here.

Jeff Hardy got the bump of the night and it was sick as he fainted when they took him backstage. I don’t know why TNA or the network even showed the bump on their previews when they should have left it for surprise. Rockstar Spud got the spot of the night when he did the flip dive on Tyrus from the top of the cage. Most of the matches were cut short on time constraints, but the one match I enjoyed was Awesome Kong Vs. Havok as the Knockouts didn’t have a hyped match like this in a long time. I have a feeling this will ignite the war between the two Knockout Monsters. Also Havok’s grandfather passed away on this night as that may play a factor in Awesome Kong going over.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young’s match should have shown a lot more intensity and emotion because it looked like a regular match with no drama until towards the end. The Beatdown Clan should have went over on Kurt Angle’s team until Bobby Lashley came out for a save. Instead they got defeated on their first match as a full team thus diminishing them as a credible threat. I was hoping to see the tension between Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries over the World title shot briefcase as the spoilers indicated or some staredown between Angle and Lashley. However they maintained Lashley as a stand-alone babyface or tweener who is not aligned with anyone.

They finally addressed Angelina Love’s reaction to Velvet Sky’s firing two weeks late after Feast or Fired. Angelina showed why she was the leader of the Beautiful People. Something tells me that this thing with Velvet is a work and she may return to get revenge on both Angelina and Robbie E. Velvet may not be the best technical wrestler, but she is an asset to TNA business-wise. Last year, Angelina returned to reform the Beautiful People with Velvet and now she’s glad Velvet is gone. Looks like the Beautiful People truly ran its course. I’m glad that they showed the angle between Robbie E and his ex, Brooke Tessmacher, in recaps because it would have been out of place with the rest of Lockdown. Robbie E thinks that he will be a future World title contender? I don’t know TNA bothered to hype up his return because it should have been Brooke to be hyped since she missed the majority of last year.

An okay Impact special hampered by time constraints. Two hours is not going to cut it with future PPV-themed Impacts. Three hour specials are a must with Destination America.


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