The Flash – Nuclear Man review

The episode deals with the origins of Ronnie Raymond becoming Firestorm the night of the particle accelerator from his viewpoint. We also learn that Ronnie is taken over by Professor Martin Stein thus causing him to act strangely towards his fiance Caitlin Snow. There was friction among Flash’s team on what to do with Ronnie as Caitlin wants to save him while Dr. Wells wanted to kill him to save billions of lives. The climax saw Caitlin putting the nuclear device on Ronnie that caused the nuclear explosion and it didn’t go unnoticed by General Eiling and the military. Great clffhanger there.

While Barry, Caitlin, and Dr. Wells were dealing with Firestorm, Detective Joe West and Cisqo re-opened the investigation on Barry Allen’s mother on the night she died as they went to Barry’s old house that’s now owned by a divorced woman, who seems to have a crush on Joe. One of the things that didn’t change was the mirror that was there when Barry’s mother died. This gives Cisqo an idea to use a device to photograph elements in 3-D and they discovered that blood was on the walls. Things were going fine until Cisqo realized he has been used because Joe thinks Dr. Wells is involved. The biggest revelation and one that’s not surprising was the blood is from future Barry as an adult. This means that Dr. Wells is not the Reverse-Flash who killed Barry’s mother. I’m guessing he is actually Hunter Zolomon Reverse-Flash.

The negative came when it involves this triangle between Barry, Iris, and Linda Park. Barry and Linda hit it off right out the bat that this makes Iris jealous so it’s role-reversal here. But why is Iris trying to ruin Barry’s chance at love with Linda when she’s with Eddie? The way Iris came across is that she doesn’t want to be with Barry yet she doesn’t want no one else to be with him either. That’s not a good message to send when Iris is supposed to be Barry’s future wife. It’s also unnecessary drama seeing that this is nothing more for the writers having something for her to do. This episode could have done without Iris and let Barry and Linda’s romantic chemistry blossom on its own.

A good episode overall that is mainly about the Firestorm arc.


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