Arrow – Canaries review

Canaries is the third part of the Dinah Laurel Lance/ Black Canary arc that resolves a lot of things from this season. Dinah Laurel’s doubts after becoming Black Canary are at the fore when she took on a hallucination of her late sister, Sara. Real or illusion, Dinah Laurel is no match for her sister nor does she have her skills. With Felicity’s encouragement, it was time for Dinah Laurel to be own person. Many secrets have come out such as Dinah Laurel finally telling her father the truth about Sara and how Detective Lance took it not to mention where he goes from there.

Since returning from the dead, Oliver was used to calling the shots for his team but learns that his team now have minds of their own and it wasn’t going to be back to normal. Both Roy and Felicity stood up to Oliver after he yells at Thea to get back up to the club. With Diggle’s wisdom, the mission has become bigger than Oliver and his team have already adapt. Diggle raised a good question about Oliver accepting what’s to become. We didn’t see Oliver’s reaction to Dinah Laurel becoming Black Canary and here he is furious about it. Talk about a missed opportunity.

The biggest thing that came out of this is Thea finally learning Oliver’s secret thanks to Malcolm’s manipulation. I was expecting Thea to be angry about it, but I was glad she accepted it but she wasn’t happy about Malcolm knowing about it all this time and never telling her. The writers need to make up their minds about the relationship between Oliver, Thea, and Malcolm. Her fight with the DJ was cool, but it was shown that she’s not strong enough to take care of herself as she thought. I don’t miss that DJ nor do I care about him. The only thing about the flashbacks I care about are Oliver returning home, but he may be under Amanda Waller’s orders to not interact with anyone since they think he’s dead.

This may be the finale for Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/ Canary because it’s actually passing the mantle between them in this illusionary way. I thought it was better than last week’s, even though I liked the fights. Good episode for Dinah Laurel and Thea overall.


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